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Broker’s vs The Banks

If you’re currently considering the possibility of car finance, boat finance or bike finance, a broker can save you not only time, but a large amount of money over both the short term and longer term. A broker can help you achieve this by providing assistance at all stages of the finance application process and by negotiating the best fit loan for you by your very own specifications provided.

That is mind, not all finance brokers that provide these services are equal in their ability and their finance products available to you. So, how do you find the right broker for you?

Bike Finance

Product Range and Accreditation

You’re probably thinking with Bike Finance, what products are there and what products will be suit you and save you the most money? Well much like any other business profession, finance brokers do not all have the same range of products available to them, so how do you find out which brokers have the best range of products available to them? Finance broker’s receive “accreditations” to provide numerous products from lenders. “Accreditations” are official agreements between the lender and the broker allowing them to provide and access a range of products to provide you with.

With Bike Finance, the accreditation process varies greatly from lender to lender. Some lenders require little to nothing in order to be “accredited” with them, other lenders require a vast quantity of items to checklist before “accreditation” can occur, such as solvency, established history, professional indemnity insurance, training courses being completed to very high standards and various other hoops for the broker to jump through in order to be “accredited.” This being said some lenders will only deal with one or two brokers across the country due to various specifics needed to satisfy their lending and accreditation criteria. A good analogy to represent this idea is that some brokers are much like a fast food sector of the food industry, whilst others serve quality restaurant dining; however in the brokering industry the fast food is going to cost you a lot of money down the track.

This is why it is vital for you to ensure the broker you choose to negotiate and tailor your finance to have a vast range of accreditations in order to allow yourself to be accessible to the best products on the market. Here at Aussie Loans we have 20+ lenders available providing hundreds of great products for you in order to provide you with the best product (many of these are not available directly to consumers or elsewhere).

Staff and Service

What is the importance of your broker’s staff to you? This is probably the most important aspect apart from the product range which is overlooked by the consumer. Your finance consultant should be an experienced professional who demonstrates that they are an honest professional who is seeking to provide you with the best service and product available.

A set standard of professional service is expected of your broker. Your broker should be able to give you set timeframes and indicative quotes for the repayments and interest rate you are likely to expect. Here at Aussie Loans please do not hesitate to ask any of our friendly professionals the above information or any further questions you have.

Standards and Security

How do you know if you’re receiving the best standards and service by your broker? Well the Finance Broker’s Association of Australia Ltd (FBAA) is the foremost membership body in Australia for brokering professionals. The FBAA believe in high ethical, moral and practice standards in the brokering profession all of which come under the industry standard recognised code of practice which requires brokers to follow strenuously in order to retain membership.

Are they a licensed credit provider? In order to legally provide any form of credit activities a finance broker must hold a credit license or operate under a company which holds a credit license and is an accredited finance broker under the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Aussie Loans is a long serving member of the FBAA and continues to uphold the requirements to the highest standard, as well as holding a credit license under ASIC.

What is the importance of the security of your finance broker to you? Is your finance application and your personal documents and information in a secure filing cabinet or behind a firewall and anti-phishing programs? During your application for finance, numerous personal documents and financial information will need to be accessed by your broker in order to provide you with the best product and service for you as well as adhering to the FBAA’s code of practice and ASIC’s standards. As a bare minimum a privacy act statement should be provided to as well as a national consumer credit protection act statement. Your broker should also be able to inform you of how your information will be stored and if disposed of how it is going to be disposed.

Here at Aussie Loans your electronic information is protected by a series of firewall, anti-virus and anti-phishing programs in order to protect you from fraud and identity theft. All paper copies are kept in a secure filing cabinet or are disposed of via a shredding bin.

Aussie Loans and Bike Finance

Here at Aussie Loans we are proud to say we pride ourselves on exceeding all the above factors, which is why we have been operating on a large scale for the past decade becoming one of Australia’s most trusted and efficient car finance, boat finance and bike finance brokers.

For expert and professional advice to a range of Bike finance options and products from Australia’s best lenders, contact us today – Call 07 3256 3733.

We look forwarding to assisting you find the car, boat or bike of your dreams at a price you can afford!

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